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Netflix 3 disks *is* > 2
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Last modified on 12/26/2018 12:32 PM by User.

Netflix 3 disks *is* > 2

Habits changed, but the larger choices stayed true.

Between watching more TV on DVD, and finding that we want to watch movies not on streaming, having 3 disks has worked well. Finding a way to pay 5% less also helps, but its largely a convenience upgrade. I doubt we are watching that many more disks per year, although I will go back and look at that at some point.

The shift to home and shift to offline did have one casualty. I deleted the AMC (theaters) app from my devices, along with letting my loyalty subscription lapse. This isn't entirely the service's fault, they closed "my" (favorite) theatre, and the upgraded one, although newer, just lacks the end-to-end experience that I enjoyed in the past.