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Rest in peace, Mr. Duh-Cain.
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Rest in peace, Mr. Duh-Cain.

Senator John McCain passed away after a battle with brain cancer. 

Writing about the death of people isn't how I pass the time in this blog, but it was painful news.

For one, our family includes a survivor of brain cancer. As the self-declared/un-official family representative, I wish to pay our respects to him and his family. 

My feeling is that my writing about someone's accomplishments, en memoriam, sound too much like me displaying envy of their life. And for Senator McCain, there's no shortage of accomplishments for his country or in his life, and the professionals can cover this area with greater alacrity and grace than I can. They will also probably do it without sounding envious of his success, and his service to society.

In the space of politics, I could not say that I agreed with him all the time. He did not get my vote when he ran for president. However, had he won, I would have been happy to see him as POTUS. Much of this was because his reputation as a "maverick" wasn't because he had watched "Top Gun" too often, it was because when he disagreed with the political crowd, even if it was the RNC, he had his reasons, and they were often pretty damn good. Especially after today, the idea that the losing candidate would still be a solid commander-in-chief, that seems like some distant memory. Sadly, our children reading this, will think I was making that up a bygone era that they will never

In the area of media and tech, his thinking was unconventional as well. Ever hear about that "crazy" idea that you should pay for cable a la carte (per channel)? He was often the lone voice in congress pushing for pricing reform for cable bundles.

His final service in the senate, both in his votes of ACA, and his wistful plea for the Senate to return to the "regular order" demonstrate his wisdom and are painful suggestions of how much he will be missed in the coming years.

In closing, I should explain the title. When my daughter as growing up, she baby talk phase included a fascination with "The Week's" year in review cover. John McCain and Sarah Palin appeared, with Tina Fey (as fake Sarah Palin) along side. She learned the names quickly, but it took weeks for her to get the joke. When she asked about the people in the cartoon, she would say John "DEE-Cain" or John "duh-CAIN". 

That's the first thing I'll remember about him, and I hope that he doesn't mind.