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Dear Apple, can you…while you…
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Last modified on 9/27/2018 10:30 AM by User.


Dear Apple, can you…while you…

For 2018, I get organized. Here's a bit of stress relief, a list of things in Apple software that distract enough that I made a list.

In no particular order (yet)

Pls. stop asking Sierra users to upgrade

I have a lot of purchase decisions to deal with already, getting me to do a free macOS upgrade should be low on your list, and mine.

High Sierra has been out less than a year, and there have been fixes to problems that are not acceptable, like:

Apple News: add filtering to the top-level displays

I could be as simple as a "blacklist" or "whitelist" feature, but you gotta stop blindly forcing to see the headlines in the iOS Widget. For example, why is Fox News and People "Trending" 99% of the time, when I've only subscribed to

  • New York Times
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Washington Post

(From tinkering, "Trending" might be suppressed or replaced with "For You" if you down vote a couple offending articles. Still, not appropriate for kids, out-of-box).

Provide a UX exit from the lock screen camera mode

It was really great when you made it easy to flip to camera, but now I do it accidentally. Can you make an easy (gestural) way to get out?

Provide the "go back" link to the previous app when you accidentally tap the colored status bar

I do this a lot when my device is running the "Personal Hotspot".