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Dear Apple, can you…while you…
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Last modified on 1/21/2019 4:57 PM by User.


Dear Apple, can you…while you…

For 2018, I get organized. Here's a bit of stress relief, a list of things in Apple software that distract enough that I made a list.

In no particular order (yet)

Pls. stop asking El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, users to upgrade

I have a lot of purchase decisions to deal with already, getting me to do a free macOS upgrade should be low on your list, and mine.

High Sierra has been out less than a year, and there have been fixes to problems that are not acceptable, like:

Personal Hotspot status bar - display previous app

The status bar is too easy to tap accidentally. Then once you are in Settings, you can't simply go back using the convenience feature of "previous app" in the left side of the status bar. I know it isn't the same API internally, but you made the status bar magical, can't you make it magically consistent?

(Also, can you mention it in ->


Personal Hotspot status bar- blocks the tap to scroll to top

Also not mentioned in

Apple News: add filtering to the top-level displays

I could be as simple as a "blacklist" or "whitelist" feature, but you gotta stop blindly forcing to see the headlines in the iOS Widget. For example, why is Fox News and People "Trending" 99% of the time, when I've only subscribed to

  • New York Times
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Washington Post

(From tinkering, "Trending" might be suppressed or replaced with "For You" if you down vote a couple offending articles. Still, not appropriate for kids, out-of-box).

Provide a UX exit from the lock screen camera mode

It was really great when you made it easy to flip to camera, but now I do it accidentally. Can you make an easy (gestural) way to get out?

Provide the "go back" link to the previous app when you accidentally tap the colored status bar

I do this a lot when my device is running the "Personal Hotspot".