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Tab bar vs. Hamburger menu
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Last modified on 2/7/2018 2:23 PM by User.


Tab bar vs. Hamburger menu

In the last year, I learned about the "hamburger" menu. I was surprised to find that it ancient. Like it predates the internet, it predates my my computing experience.

And I like the original conception more than the current (mobile oriented) conception.

Here's some of Apple's thoughts on the tab bar, that help explain:

Avoid having too many tabs. Each additional tab reduces the tappable area for selecting a tab and increases the complexity of your app, making it harder to locate information. Although a More tab can display extra tabs, this requires additional taps and is a poor use of space. Include essential tabs only, and use the minimum tabs necessary for your information hierarchy. Too few tabs can be a problem too, as it can make your interface appear disconnected. In general, use between three and five tabs on iPhone. A few more are acceptable on iPad.

(emphasis mine)

In some ways, I think of the hamburger menu as the "More" item of mobile UI.