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(under construction)

A new hope start

10 years ago (Jan 27, 2008), I took the time to get the free "startup edition" of FogBugz, as it went to the cloud. (In those days, it was called "hosted".)

After 10 years, the name has changed, but I'm still here, still using FogBugz for what makes it great, still enjoying the privilege.

…but I'm rebooting the wiki side of

My old friends know that we increasingly mix movie references with our technology conversations, so a movie quote is coming, but I promise it won't be the over-used, over-exposed Star Wars 8 quote.

Brian O'Conner: A lot has changed.

(Yes, thats FF4).

From "A1" to "A2".

Tab bar vs. "Hamburger" menu

A "Lobster" is a *BIG* bug - (updated for 2018)

Google Calendar - RIP older web

Dear Apple, can you…while you…

The missing MoviePass "two weeks" story

Rest in peace, Mr. Duh-Cain.

(really) bad Swift - a humorous look at what isn't checked in.

macOS security updates - welcome to the "Slow Zone"

Immediacy vs. Importance

Amazon HQ2 - the wonder twins

Netflix 3 disks *is* > 2

Insights - ideas that might actually matter.

(a better use of your time than reading the Swift articles)